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The CO2 traffic light for healthy air in rooms

RYSTA Protect monitors the air quality in  your rooms to reduce the risk of virus transmission and ensure optimal air quality.


Intelligent sensor technology for safe, healthy indoor air

We take 20,000 breaths per day. Each and every breath affects our physical and mental health. We spend a lot of time in closed rooms, so it's important to know the quality of our air.

Make Your Air Visible

The more people there are in a room, the faster the air quality changes. However, because we can't see our air we usually don't notice it. RYSTA makes air quality visible.

The CO2 traffic light directly on the RYSTA sensor shows the quality of air in the room. Historical room data can be viewed in the dashboard.


Air exchange is more important than ever, especially during the pandemic. The lower the air quality, i.e. the higher the CO2 concentration, the higher the viral load. Constant air exchange through ventilation, ensures higher air quality in the room. This is not only important for hygiene, but also for your own sense of security.

Traffic light warning system

The traffic light warning system shows when it is time to ventilate. This ensures air quality remains at a good level. If the air in the room is good, the traffic light shows green. The exact measured values for CO2, temperature and humidity can be viewed on the dashboard.


RYSTA Dashboard

With the help of the online dashboard, you can see the CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and other key values in the room at a glance.

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Our Solution

Our sensors are developed for learning and working environments. They discreetly, yet clearly indicate air quality.

The RYSTA Protect CO2 traffic light is designed for schools, offices and hotels.

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Dipl.-Des. Andreas W. Mohry - Founding Headmaster a.D.

Schiller-Gymnasium Potsdam

"Intelligent building technology is essential for energy-conscious housekeeping, regardless of the current situation.


The RYSTA sensor system is also interesting for the changeover times between spring and autumn, when we have a changing situation between warm and cold. The detection of open windows or heating that is set too high is particularly important in times of climate change. "

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