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RYSTA Protect - The CO2 Traffic Light For Schools And Offices

RYSTA Protect is an IoT platform with a CO2 traffic light and an online dashboard for displaying room data. With RYSTA Protect you always know when it is time to ventilate, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

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RYSTA Protect Features

  • Control air quality at all times

  • A discrete yet clear CO2 traffic light on the sensor (green, yellow, red)

  • Each sensor measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity as well as air pressure, volume and brightness

  • WiFi connectivity

  • Dashboard access to visualise current and historical room data

  • Easy to set up thanks to simple wall mounting and standard connections

​However, this process can be automated, resulting in optimized drying, less risk of damage and more time for other tasks.

RYSTA automatically records the drying process for you

Follow the drying process at any time via your tablet without having to enter the construction site.

  • Save time every day as you no longer have to manually capture data

  • Receive warnings if the rooms are not drying properly

  • Make better decisions to reduce damage, rework, and delays

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RYSTA on customer construction sites


"Until now, to measure the humidity on the construction site, it was always necessary for the project manager or project manager to go from one house to the next, write down the values and enter them in a table so that we could then process them digitally.


With the sensors from RYSTA, it was possible for us at any time, whether we were on the construction site, on site or in the office, to call up the latest data every hour and to immediately forward it digitally to the client or to archive it for later documentation. So it has brought us a lot. "


Hans-Peter Berger

Management for Berlin

TM Expansion GmbH

The platform

RYSTA is an IoT platform that offers you transparency across your entire construction site through data acquisition, analysis and warnings.

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Multi-sensors monitor your construction site around the clock

  • Battery lasts approx. 1 year

  • NBIoT radio link

  • Robust housing for construction sites and harsh environments

Measure all-in-one sensors:

  • temperature

  • humidity

  • light

  • sound

  • dust

  • vibration

  • VOC's

  • Move

Analytics and dashboards

​Our platform analyzes your data and sends actionable insights and warnings to various stakeholders.

  • View data for your entire construction site at a glance

  • Different data views for different participants

  • Automated risk alerts

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