Schiller Schule Potsdam, Germany

The Schiller School is a private secondary school in Potsdam, Germany. Their pupils are in years 5 - 12. They have 50 classrooms.

Interview with Mr. Mohry, founding school director and Mr. Vetter, headmaster of the Schiller School Potsdam.

Schools have been badly affected since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like all schools, the Schiller Schools face the constant challenge of making their classrooms safer.  


COVID-19 is leading to school closings and extended home schooling, significantly disrupting and affecting the quality of learning for students.  It also causes anxiety among students and teachers who are aware of the dangers in enclosed spaces, and this makes them stressful when trying to study.


"After the initial closure, it was a challenge to make sure everyone was working in health conditions that made infection as unlikely as possible."


Good ventilation is one of the most important ways to make classrooms safer, but it is difficult to know when and how long to ventilate to create a safe indoor climate.  


"It was clear to us that the optimistic predictions 'we will soon overcome COVID' would not be true, but that if the weather worsened, we would have to find a solution to keep the school running safely for as long as possible.



The Schiller Schools Potsdam became aware of RYSTA through the Bavarian Insurance Chamber, a pioneer for innovative technology solutions in the real estate industry. RYSTA offers a climate monitoring solution to improve the air quality in classrooms and thus increase safety for students and teachers.  


RYSTA installed air quality sensors with an integrated traffic light warning system in 50 classrooms at the school. The sensors monitor CO2, temperature and humidity and warn the occupants if the room air becomes unsafe to ventilate. 



With a RYSTA Protect sensor in every classroom, both students and teachers feel much safer. There is less restlessness in the classroom, which means students learn better and the classroom feels normal again.


Everyone is paying attention to the traffic light, which discreetly but clearly signals when the room needs to be ventilated. There is no longer any confusion about whether indoor air is safe and residents can be assured that the air quality is good at all times.  


Timely ventilation also improves energy efficiency in classrooms, especially in the winter months. By only ventilating when necessary, teachers can reduce heat loss through open windows.


"It is good that we can all see on the sensors when it is time to ventilate. In this way, teachers and students together pay attention to when it is time to ventilate. RYSTA is very valuable for this so that we do not freeze unnecessarily and." Waste energy. "


With optimized ventilation, the likelihood of a COVID-19 outbreak in a classroom is much lower.


The benefits of RYSTA extend beyond the pandemic by reducing the transmission of other airborne viruses, reducing allergies, and promoting concentration  


"Intelligent building technology is essential for energy-conscious households, regardless of the current situation." The RYSTA sensor system is also interesting for the change of seasons in spring and autumn, when we have an intermediate situation between warm and cold. The detection of open windows or a heating that is set too high is particularly important in times of climate change. "

Bei optimierter Belüftung ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit eines COVID-19-Ausbruchs in einem Klassenzimmer viel geringer.


Die Vorteile von RYSTA reichen über die Pandemie hinaus, indem sie die Übertragung anderer über die Luft übertragener Viren reduzieren, Allergien verringern und die Konzentration fördern 


"Intelligente Gebäudetechnik ist für energiebewusste Haushalte unerlässlich, unabhängig von der aktuellen Situation. "Die RYSTA-Sensorik ist auch für den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten im Frühjahr und Herbst interessant, wenn wir eine Zwischensituation zwischen warm und kalt haben. Das Erkennen von offenen Fenstern oder einer zu hoch eingestellten Heizung ist in Zeiten des Klimawandels besonders wichtig."

RYSTA offers test packages to ensure that the sensors are suitable for you. Test packages are inexpensive and offer the perfect opportunity to test RYSTA technology in a small number of your classrooms.