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RYSTA Protect - The CO2 Traffic Light For Schools And Offices

RYSTA Protect is an IoT platform with a CO2 traffic light and an online dashboard for displaying room data. With RYSTA Protect you always know when it is time to ventilate, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.


RYSTA monitors your indoor climate and shows you when you need to ventilate in order to improve the air quality. This is done using a clear traffic light system and an online dashboard for visualizing the room climate data.

Air quality and air exchange vary from room to room. They depend on the occupancy, natural and mechanical ventilation rates, and other factors. RYSTA Protect provides measured values for the air quality of each individual room contributing to high air quality.

RYSTA Protect Features

  • Control air quality at all times

  • A discrete yet clear CO2 traffic light on the sensor (green, yellow, red)

  • Each sensor measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity as well as air pressure, volume and brightness

  • WiFi connectivity

  • Dashboard access to visualise current and historical room data

  • Easy to set up thanks to simple wall mounting and standard connections

The CO2 Traffic Light Warning System

The traffic light warning system shows when it is time to ventilate. This keeps the air quality at a good level.


If the room air is good, the traffic light shows green. The exact measured values for CO2, temperature and humidity can be viewed on the dashboard.

CO2-Ampel rot
CO2-Ampel gelb
CO2-Ampel grün

RYSTA Dashboard For Visualizing Room Data

With the help of the RYSTA dashboards, you can see the air quality of all rooms at a glance without having to enter the rooms.


> RYSTA visualizes the air quality in your rooms at a glance

Open API

Would you like to use your room data in other systems?


Thanks to our open API, this is easily to do. For support with the API, contact our support team: support@rysta.de


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