Carefree learning Thanks To Reducing The Risk Of Virus Transmission

RYSTA Protect is a CO2 traffic light for schools, daycare centers and educational institutions. Good air is part of a safe learning environment, and not just during the pandemic.


Timely, Regular Ventilation Protects Students

RYSTA signals to teachers and students when it is time to ventilate. This improves the air quality and reduces the viral load.


Assurance that the classrooms are safe and will remain open permanently

Clarity about when and how long classrooms need to be ventilated

Reduction of heat loss through optimised ventilation, especially in the cold months

It is easier to learn with good air. It also counteracts allergies and diseases

RYSTA Protect, The Inexpensive Alternative To Air Filters

CO2 sensors are an affordable alternative to air filters.

Air quality and air exchange vary from classroom to classroom. RYSTA Protect provides measured values for the air quality of each individual classroom. In this way, the indoor climate can be improved in a purposeful manner.



RYSTA sensors contribute to sustainability. Thanks to optimized ventilation, especially in the cold months, the classrooms lose less heat. Nevertheless, the indoor air is significantly improved without anyone having to freeze.

With the help of the RYSTA dashboards, you can see whether the windows are open or the heating is on. This allows you to intervene to avoid unnecessary heat loss.

Better Ventilation, More safety

If the room is ventilated regularly and at the right time, the risk of virus transmission can be significantly reduced. Ventilation contributes to a healthier, more productive indoor climate.

The CO2 traffic light is a visual warning system that informs everyone in the room when it is time to ventilate. Other measured values, such as temperature and humidity, are displayed on the dashboard.


CO2 And Air Quality

CO2 concentration provides information about the air quality in closed rooms. The more CO2 there is, the more used the air. This affects the ability of people to concentrate. A high level of CO2 also means a potentially higher viral load in the air.


If there is an infected person in the room, the virus spreads via aerosols. As the CO2 concentration increases, the risk of infection through inhalation of viral aerosols also increases (if an infected person is in the room).

"It's good that we can all see on the sensors when we need to ventilate. Teachers and students together pay attention to when it is time to ventilate. RYSTA is very valuable for this, so that we do not freeze unnecessarily and waste energy. "

Matthias Vetter - Headmaster

Schiller Gymnasium Potsdam

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Benefits Of The Sensor

The CO2 traffic light is a discrete warning system that is attached to the wall. It indicates the CO2 concentration and is specially developed for learning and working environments.

Data for individual rooms and the entire building are visible on a web based dashboards.


Easy installation: Sensors can be easily installed in existing and new buildings. You can monitor the air in rooms within seconds.

Each Sensor Measures

Each sensor measures CO2 concentration, air temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise and brightness.

The CO2 traffic light on the sensor indicates the room's CO2 concentration.

Other sensor values can be viewed on the dashboard.

RYSTA Dashboard

  • Visualise room occupancy, i.e. when each room is being used

  • Detect when windows are open or when the heating is switched on

  • Prevent mould growth through RYSTA's mould algorithm

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