Return To Life Close To People - Reduce Virus Transmission Risk Indoors

RYSTA Protect Sensor

Traffic light warning system to protect people in schools, offices and other rooms. 

Viruses spread quickly in crowded rooms

This puts people at risk and affecting schools, offices, shops, nursing homes and other environments.
Schools want to:
  • Protect teachers and students

  • Avoid heat and energy loss through over-ventilation

  • Keep schools open

Reduce Virus Transmission Risk While

Improving Air Quality

Through a traffic light warning system you know how to ventilate effectively to protect pupils.

Benefits for Schools:

  • Peace of mind knowing classrooms are safe for students and teachers

  • Reduce heat  loss from classrooms 

  • Improve prevention and safety through historical data

Elementary School Teacher
Rysta Protect sensor in a class room, flashing red, jpeg

"Intelligent building technology is essential for an energy-conscious household, regardless of the current situation."

"The RYSTA sensor technology is also interesting for the changing seasons of spring and autumn, when we have a hybrid situation between warm and cold. The detection of open windows or heating set too high is especially important in times of climate change."

Dipl.-Des. Andreas W. Mohry - retired founding school director
Schiller-Gymnasium Potsdam
Managing Director of the ISS International Schiller Schools
Foundation non-profit GmbH

The Solution

RYSTA Protect is an IoT platform with sensors analytics and front ends. It offers remote monitoring across your whole school or building.

RYSTA Protect Sensor

Traffic Light Multi Sensors

Wall mounted sensors monitor your room 24/7

  • High quality sensors measure temperature, humidity and CO2

  • Traffic light warning system alerting you to changes in air quality

  • Powered by a standard wall socket, wireless connectivity

Data analytics & dashboards

  • View current and historical room data at any time through online dashboards

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Automated alerts

Rysta Dashboards

Optional: Learning Platform for Pupils

RYSTA offers a practical room climate education package for students teaching them the importance of sustainability, air quality and how to create safe, healthy indoor environments.

Price per classroom

(One sensor per classroom)


What you get

One time

200.00 €

(+ VAT.)

  • 1 traffic light multisensor 


2.00 €

(Per month + VAT.)

  • Data access via dashboards

  • Service support

  • OTA Firmware Updates

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