Reduce The Risk Of Virus Transmission Indoors

Traffic light warning system for classrooms and offices

Viruses can spread particularly well in closed indoor environments. This puts people at risk and threatens to disrupt busy places like schools and offices.

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RYSTA Protect is a traffic light warning system for reducing virus transmission risk in classrooms. Through clear, intelligent visual alerts teachers know how to ventilate to protect pupils.


  • Optimize conditions in your classrooms for pupil and teacher safety

  • Reduce heat and energy loss in classrooms

  • Learn about and improve risk prevention through historical records

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"It's good that we can all see on the sensors when it's time to air out. This way, teachers and students pay attention together when it's time to ventilate. RYSTA is very valuable for this, so we don't freeze unnecessarily and waste energy . "

"I would like to have the sensor technology in my office as well."

Matthias Vetter - Principal

Schiller Gymnasium Potsdam

RYSTA Protect Features

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Sensor features

  • Accurate, high quality sensors measure temperature, humidity and CO2

  • Built-in traffic light alert system

  • Plug-in power sensors

In Class
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System features

  • Online dashboards for viewing data at any time

  • Alert system

  • 24/7 monitoring

Optional: Education Package for Pupils

RYSTA offers a practical room climate education package for students teaching them the importance of sustainability, air quality and how to create safe, healthy indoor environments.

Price per classroom

(One sensor per classroom)


What you get

Months 1 - 3

199.00 €

(+ VAT.)

  • 1 traffic light sensor

  • 3 months access to dashboards, data and alerts

Monthly from month 4

2.00 €

(Per month + VAT.)

  • Access to dashboards, data and alerts

  • Service support