RYSTA and Versicherungskammer Bayern equip schools with CO2 traffic lights for Corona autumn

Berlin/Munich. RYSTA's CO2 traffic light ensures good air in closed rooms and reduces the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission. The first schools and companies are using the sensors and are planning to equip more rooms.

The CO2 traffic light makes teachers and students aware of the condition of the room's air. The sensor is inconspicuously mounted on the wall at eye level and does not interfere with teaching or learning. A discreet green LED signals good air quality while a yellow light indicates an increased CO2 concentration in the air and thus, an increased risk of infection with corona viruses. In this case it's time to ventilate. At even higher CO2 concentrations a red light appears, as well as a red-flashing light when action is required immediately.

The RYSTA sensor offers numerous advantages: the traffic light is noiseless, cost-effective, easy to install and requires little maintenance. It can supplement or even replace the use of air purifiers. Teachers and students alike pay attention to the quality of the air and ventilate for as long as necessary. This saves energy and improves sustainability. Ventilation intervals and duration are individual depending on room size, air flow, occupancy of the rooms and weather.

The Anni Pickert Primary and Secondary School in Poing (Upper Bavaria) had its first experience before the summer holidays. Caretaker Reinhold Bitsch talks about the experiences from the classes: "Already the first test with sensors in four classrooms showed us how individually you have to ventilate. Even the age of the children plays a role: younger children use less air than older ones. We were not aware of that at all. In addition, ventilation with the traffic lights fits in well with the lessons. The classes report that they become attentive in time and can act without disturbance even in the middle of the lesson - no matter if it's children or teachers, it happens hand in hand." Based on this experience, the whole school is now being equipped with sensors.

Poing's mayor Thomas Stark is convinced: "In the short term, we have to create safe schools. We cannot expect a homeschooling winter like the last one, neither for pupils nor parents nor for our economy. The fact that the RYSTA platform also tells us how we can use our school buildings better and, above all, more energy-efficiently, and that we are made aware of windows left open, for example, without any effort on our part, is simply super."

Even beyond the pandemic, schools benefit from RYSTA as the transmission of other viruses is minimised and allergens in the air reduced. Healthy indoor air is essential for concentration, both at work and while learning. In addition to the condition of the room air, the multi-sensor records other values such as temperature, humidity, light and noise. This data can be viewed and analysed via a dashboard.

Mounting the sensors is simple: power is supplied via standard sockets, and they are mounted on the wall, ideally at eye level. RYSTA also offers an installation service.

RYSTA's sensors are an affordable solution that allows schools to equip all classrooms. Air purifiers can complement the sensors - as in Poing, for example - as they ensure good protection in rooms that cannot be ventilated well. However, due to the higher purchase and maintenance costs, it is not possible for many municipalities to equip entire schools with them.

Stefan Pokorny, Innovator Composite for the Versicherungskammer Group: "Once again, we are supporting the schools that are insured with us with an innovative solution. Together with RYSTA, we are further developing our digital building expertise in this way."

Julia Gebert, Managing Director of RYSTA, adds: "We are delighted to be working with Versicherungskammer. Our technology brings immediate and long-term benefits to the customers, but also to the Versicherungskammer. This fits in with our corporate philosophy of offering technology that adds value to people in a variety of ways. "

In the 4th wave of the pandemic, RYSTA is thus making an important contribution to carefree learning and togetherness in schools for the largely unvaccinated group of pupils.

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RYSTA is a proptech company that offers an intelligent monitoring and warning system for the construction and real estate industry, enabling its customers to make correct and timely decisions. RYSTA's solution consists of multi-sensors with a traffic light system, cloud data analytics and a data dashboard. The company was founded in Munich in 2016 and is headquartered in Berlin. Its customers include companies in the construction, real estate and energy industries. RYSTA is led by founder and CEO Julia Gebert and founder and CTO Sven Eliasson. It has won several awards (Top 50 EU Proptech House 2019-2021, funded by the European Commission, Propel by mipim Paris 2020) and has participated in start-up accelerator programmes in Denmark and the US. RYSTA's vision is to use technology to create healthy and sustainable buildings for ourselves and our children.

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