Air Quality, Mold Prevention and More

RYSTA is a versatile platform bringing transparency into your whole building

Air quality monitoring

Poor Air Quality Damages Our Health

We spend 90% of our time indoors. Allergies and illnesses attributed to buildings are on the rise.
Our buildings are causing:
  • Allergies and illnesses

  • Poor concentration

  • Unhealthy air promoting virus transmission

Create a healthy environment in your building

RYSTA monitors the climate of your buildings and offers you insights into the air quality of your rooms. they
  • Know when to ventilate to ensure good air quality

  • Prevent heat loss in rooms through over-ventilation

  • Offer all users of the rooms healthy learning and working environments

Mold prevention

Mold Damages Buildings and Effects Our Health

Without transparency into our buildings mold can grow without us even knowing.
  • Mold causes costly damages and repairs including the loss of rental income

  • Mold effects the health of people using our buildings

Stop Mold Before it Grows

RYSTA monitors your building giving you remote transparency and alerting you to mold risk.
  • Know your buildings climate conditions without needing to be there

  • Receive automated alerts when mold risk increases

  • Peace of mind knowing your building is protected

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