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Reduced Risk Of Spreading Viruses In The Classroom

In cooperation with RYSTA, Versicherungskammer Bayern is offering CO2 traffic lights to Schools. For carefree, safe learning.

Versicherungskammer Bayern Supports Schools By Equipping Them With Solutions From RYSTA.

The second winter of the pandemic is approaching. Schools urgently need solutions so that operations can continue and pupils can enjoy carefree learning. Without home schooling.

Versicherungskammer Bayern is committed to safety, damage prevention and sustainability. RYSTA Protect is an innovative solution that does justice to all three aspects.

The CO2 traffic light helps schoolchildren and teachers to ventilate correctly and in good time without wasting energy. The collected building data help to keep building operations running in the long term and to detect damage at an early stage.


RYSTA PROTECT has six built-in sensors

RYSTA sensor metrics

We take 20,000 breaths per day. Each and every one of them affects our physical and mental health.

We spend a lot of time in closed rooms, so it's important to know the quality of the air.

You can't tell whether air is good or bad. RYSTA makes the air quality visible.

The CO2 traffic light on the RYSTA sensor indicates the air quality directly in the room. Historical data can be viewed in the dashboard.

The better the air quality, the lower the risk of virus transmission.

Traffic Light Warning System

The traffic light warning system indicates when it is time to ventilate. This keeps the air quality at a healthy level.

If the room's air is good, the traffic light shows a subtle green light. The exact measured values for CO2, temperature and humidity can be viewed on the dashboard.


RYSTA dashboard

With the help of the online dashboard, you can see the CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and other key values in the room at a glance.


Our Solution

School children stand with a teacher infront of a blackboard. Image by max-fischer

For Schools & Educational Institutions

The sensors have been developed specifically for learning and working environments.


They discreetly, yet clearly indicate the air quality in the room.


The RYSTA Protect CO2 traffic light is designed for schools and offices.

Stefan Pokorny - Innovator Composite

Insurance Chamber Bavaria

"Once again we are supporting the schools that are insured with us with an innovative solution. Together with RYSTA, we are developing our digital building expertise."

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Find out now how your school can benefit from RYSTA Protect.

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