Platform benefits

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  • Set Up In Moments Mount the sensor, turn it on, walk away.

  • PortableEasily move sensors between rooms or buildings.

  •   Transparency Know whats happening across your whole building, 24/7.

  • Commercial grade monitoring High quality sensors record accurate data.

Everything we do is about making life easier for people through technology.


Data is essential in real estate to reduce the carbon foot print of our buildings and create healthier environments for all who use them.


Using cutting edge technology for data capture and analytics we are driven to improve the built world and the way people live.

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Site supervision

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Construction site monitoring


RYSTA offers solutions across the whole building lifecycle, from construction to upkeep.


On construction sites we are monitoring the drying process through temperature and humidity data, improving both efficiency and sustainability.


For more information on our solution for construction sites please visit www.rysta.io


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